Auto Insurance in Boonville, NY

When buying auto insurance, it’s important to know which type (or types) you will need. While some coverages are typical in a state’s minimum requirements, others are handy add-ons that can save you time and money later on.


This essential coverage insures against damage to others from accidents you cause, but does not help you directly. A liability policy is actually two-pronged. With bodily injury liability and property damage liability, any medical and auto damage bills that are incurred by the other party will be paid. This type of coverage will likely be required by your state.


This policy covers your own vehicle by paying for any repairs or replacing the automobile entirely. Collision coverage applies to situations involving contact with another object, as well as instances where the car flips or is damaged. Though not required by most states, collision insurance bills are usually more manageable than paying for repairs out of pocket.

Personal Injury Protection

This will cover your personal medical expenses in the case of an accident. This policy is applied regardless of fault, and it can be applied to other members of your household.


Usually optional, this policy covers against a broad scope of non-accident related situations such as theft or flooding.


Auto insurance policy add-ons include safety plans such as emergency roadside assistance and breakdown insurance. Other, less-standard examples include rental reimbursement for car rentals during extensive repairs or general auto protection against the natural depreciation of your vehicle.

Customer to Company

We want to be sure that you are matched with the right company for your needs. Contact us to begin discussing coverage needed for your vehicle.